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Aiming to promote and develop squash, SquashSuper8 is a series of events that brings together Quebec’s elite players through a provincial tour. The idea is to provide a showcase for the sport in 12 different cities in Quebec, in order to allow the province’s population access to high-level squash.


Founded in 2014 by Philippe Roy, SquashSuper8 offers organized events with many squash games per night. These duels are sanctioned by Squash Quebec and refereed by certified officials. They allow top players to compete against one another, outside of usual tournaments, with a formula of one game per evening. SquashSuper8 also gives junior players and beginners the opportunity to experience the game by allowing them to hit the ball with one of the 16 headliners of the evening which happens on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings. SquashSuper8 is open to all and during these happenings it bring together players from every level (men and women), referees and spectators . 


For its sixth season SquashSuper8 will offer 16 events that will span through the months of January to December 2020. The last three events will include a tournament that will declare the SquashSuper8 winner. Please see section Calendar and Program for more information.


Welcome to all!



SquashSuper8’s mission is to present a series of squash events in different cities throughout Quebec, presenting high level games and allowing elite players to meet on a regular basis.

  • Accessibility

    • Player from all level are welcome to join any SquashSuper8 event during the season. 

  • Respect

    • By promoting respect between players on and off the court, by discouraging arguments with the officials, encouraging punctuality and the respect of the rules. 

  • Competition

    • By producing high quality events with high level games sanctioned by Squash Québec and refereed by certified officials.

  • Friendly atmosphere

    • By creating a welcoming, friendly and relaxed atmosphere for participants and spectators of the events.


SquashSuper8’s vision is to increase the sport’s visibility, raise awareness and create an experience of community among squash players in Quebec. We also strive to promote the integration of juniors, beginners, spectators and players of all levels, to encourage them to practice squash and contribute to its development.

  • Create a ²Happening² and provide networking opportunities for squash in Quebec.

  • Initiate young players and beginners to squash.

  • Providing more opportunities of competition for players to compete for the top ranks.

  • Project a positive image of squash in every club and region or city visited.

  • Shine a light on the best squash players in Quebec.

  • Provide a formula that allows players to participate to events without having to commit to the entire tour.

  • Organize events throughout the province to increase visibility for the sport.

  • Offer high level games to the subscribed players.

  • Obtain visibility in traditional media and social media

  • Engage players of all levels.

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