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Registration and eligibility

SquashSuper8 is open to all players, no exception, no matter if the player is ranked or not.


If places are limited, the top ranked players, according to Squash Quebec rankings, will be selected to play.


The registered players that do not qualify or register after the deadline will be automatically added to the waiting list, in case of cancellation by a selected player.


To be eligible a players must subscribe before 5:00pm the Tuesday prior to the event.

All registration must be made by email to


The lineup will be announced by email and on SquashSuper8 Facebook page at 11:59pm the Wednesday prior to the event.


A player that does not show up for a game or cancels after the announcement of the lineup, for any serious reason, will lose 3 points in the ranking. After a second no show or cancellation, the player will lose all his/her points and his/her right to play for the rest of the season.


There are no fees to subscribe by email. Although, the players who are selected to play must pay the fees prior to their game.

Cost is $10.00 per event and up to a maximum of $80.00 for the year.


Players with no rankings will be allowed to play. Although, it is subject to the organizers to allow him to play.




  • All games are sanctioned by Squash Québec.

  • Matches are to be played under the International Softball rules as adopted by Squash Canada.

  • The official ball is the Black Knight Tru-Bounce Yellow Two-Dot International.

  • New balls (or balls in good condition) are to be furnished by the event organizers.

  • Matches are to be played only on International or converted racquetball courts.

  • Players must adhere to local dress code of the hosting club.

  • Each game is scored to 11 (eleven) points, point a rally.

  • All matches are best of five games.

  • If the game score reaches 10-10 (ten all) there is no election by the receiver. A player must win the game by 2 (two) clear points.

  • The promotion of sportsmanship in tour play is considered of paramount importance. Unacceptable behavior, such as constant arguing, verbal abuse, foul language or anything else deemed disrespectful to the Referee and / or host club will be dealt with in the following manner:

    • Once the complaint has been filed and verified by the organizers, a warning will be issued to the respective player.

    • A second offense will bring about a suspension from the tour (The seriousness of offense will determine length of time).

    • A third offense will bring about the immediate suspension from the tour for the remainder of year and will automatically remove the player from the list as a potential prize winner at the end of the year.

  • A player that doesn’t show up on the night of the event, or fails to cancel with at least a 24-hour notice, will receive a warning. A player that repeats such actions will no longer be eligible to play in the tour for the rest of the year

  • The ranking will be taken from the Squash Quebec website on the Tuesday (at 5:00pm) prior to the Friday of the event.

  • Applicable for the tournament only, a player with over 200 points difference in the ranking on his opponent will automatically qualify for the following round of the tournament.




  • Players have to be familiar with the international rules of squash.

  • The winners of the previous matches referee the following matches.

  • It is the Referee’s duty to award Lets, Strokes, and No Lets, as well as penalties regarding poor conduct. No appeal of the Referee’s decisions is permitted, although the Referee may choose to listen to a player’s version of what transpired.

  • If a Marker is also being used for the match, it is his duty to call the score, announce the Referee’s decision, call Outs, Not Ups, Downs, and Faults.


   Security and rules of behavior


  • Subscribtion to Squash Québec automatically includes an insurance policy in case of accident.

  • The respect among players is the basis for security and good manners on the court.

  • A player who persists in a dangerous game style, who argues continually with the reff or who threathens verbally or physically an opponent or the reff will be banned from SquashSuper8.

  • It is mandatory for players under 19 to wear protective glasses.

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