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This season


For this season, our events will be held on Friday evenings (mostly) in downtown area and on Saturday mornings elsewhere.

This year we added several new features that will satisfy both players and spectators. Example:


All participant will get an healthy bar and a fruit juice at each event.


In addition, prizes will be awarded to winning players at the end of the year and participation prizes will be drawn at random among the people in the attendance for each event.


You got to be there!



How to become the next SquashSuper8 Tour winner?

Rankings and point system

Only the *8 best Men's matches (and the top 4 women's matches) count for the SquashSuper8 ranking.

For example, suppose that 40 players sign up for an event, only the top 8 games (so 16 players eligible) will have points in the SquashSuper8 ranking.

For each match, players receive points as follows:

  • Won Match = 3 points

  • Lost Match = 1 point

* The 8 matches are based on Squash Quebec's ranking system.

SquashSuper8 tournament and qualifications

Only the first 16 events (17 events for Women) counts for the SquashSuper8 rankings which constitutes the qualifications.  


The 12 players (6 for Women) who accumulates the most SquashSuper8 points at the end of the first 16 events of the season will be eligible to be part of the SquashSuper8 tournament that will determine the winner.

SquashSuper8 Tournament 

The 12 players (6 for Women) finishing at the top of the SquashSuper8 rankings are reclassified in order according to their Squash Quebec ranking. Therefore, the top 4 seeds (2 for Women) are given a pass to access the main draw (see below) and the next 8 players (4 for Women) must play a playoff round to access the main draw.

The tournament is played on the last 3 weeks (last 2 for Women), and 4 weeks (3 for Women) for some who needs to play in the playoff round, so it's 1 match per event. If you're loosing one of the matches, if not over, you're playing your position (1 to 8) and (1 to 4 for Women). 

NB: For the playoff round and the tournament, seeds will be determined on the Tuesday prior to the event.

Here is respectively the Men's and Women's draw:

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